I went to a friends house for a all weekend sleepover all of her friends were there and we played truth or dare being a 12 year old I said dare then said I would be right back and that I had to go pee which for the record my blatter was about to burst they said wait and some started to tickle me while the others held me down till a yellow waterfall went down my legs then they grabbed a diaper from her baby brothers room and forced it on me they made me pee and poo myself till we fell asleep in our sleeping bags sometime in the night they put underwear back on and put my hand in warm water cuz when I woke up I was soaked. Saturday I was put in diapers and pooed and peed myself till bed the same happened Sunday when I went home I didn't tell my parents and one day at school note that I'm in eigth grade I pooed myself and pee came too I started crying like a baby the school didn't have any spare pants so I had to wear a extra bulky diaper in wet pants when I got home my mom asked me what happened I told her everything she brought me to the doctor 5 times that week he said I was fine. every day got worse and peed and pooed my pants every time I had to go. now I have to wear extra bulky diapers to school but fianally after 2 years I got better and use the bathroom I'm not friends with those kids anymore