This guy has been labeled as the hottest guy of our college by girls. He’s used to get attention from them but mostly ignores it. He comes from a high profile, rich, classy background. He rarely hangs out with girls and apparently single. He’s two years younger to me (he knows that). I started crushing on him because he looked damn attractive and somehow I was highly infatuated with his looks.
Once, he caught me looking at him and we held the gaze for a couple of seconds and then he looked away. It happened for a few more times and he seemed to be ignoring it. Then our classes were off for two months as we had exams and annual break. We didn’t get to see each other at all.
After the vacation, things changed drastically. He started giving me undivided attention. Now, he holds the gaze very often and I’m the one to look away, coz I’m shy. Sometimes I see him grin when we cross each other and he never misses to look when I’m around. When he crosses the corridor next to my class, he goes staring inside it which he never did before. Both of us go to the same canteen everyday for lunch, and I find him looking around until he sees me. Any girl of my college would love to get such attention from him.
I’ve also noticed two of his best mates (guys) staring at me very often. They too try to exchange looks or catch an eye with me. (This wasn’t the case before!)
I’m an averge looking girl and come from a small town and not-so-rich background. There’s a big difference between me and the kinda girls ‘his’ kind of guys would date! But I find myself highly obsessed with him because of all the above happenings. I can’t stop thinking of him.
I wana talk to him about it but, given his background and friends’ stare I get confused if he actually likes me or is just enjoying ‘it’. So, my question is what could be on his mind? Initially he ignored it and now he seems to be flattered . What does it mean? Why are his friends staring at me so much?