Hi my name is Lauren and I am a freshman in High school. This past week feeling that I knew were there but refused to think about, tackled me down to about the lowest I have ever been. The guy is a senior, and a little bit dorky. I am a freshman, and an athletic outdoor type. Well here is the story, Monday: We have chapel... Which is just like the all high school church session for about an hour. He is in honors choir and they sang. He had a solo and my heart dropped all the way down to my stomach. This is when I realized i could not hide my feeling for this random guy from myself for any longer. Then this is when i did a stupid thing. I posted this picture on instagram about him but I didn't say his name, just initials. Very immature, i know well obviously he knew it was about him. So long story short I want to know what I should do next. I already confronted him about it and he said he wasn't creeped out, which is good, but should i like try to be friends with him, because I really think I have big time feeling for him. Every time I think about him (all the time) I get really nervous about when I am going to see him, and what he thinks about me, and I feel like I'm going to through up. Should I try and be friends with him, or do I not have a chance with him?