Ok so theys this guy iv been seeing once in a while and the last time i saw him he was running for the bus,i don't believe in coincidences but that everything happens for a reason.So he was running for the bus and here i am minding my own business then next thing you know he sits four seats infront of me,my hearts beating fast,eye contact in motion,smile reflex but that was about it.In his eyes is where id love to stay!

I saw him again today after a month,yes i've been counting,and all i wanted to do was to talk to him but something or somebody always gets in the way of my waterfall view.I know where he gets off cause its not far from my place and i want to go looking for him cause every guy i see i think its him or maybe i should put a love spell on him.I dont know what to do anymore....i'm losing my fucking mind!!!