Hello all,

Since i was 17, I started noticing spider veins on my calves. I exercise, eat healthy, I don't smoke etc. The only things I do that can increase the chance of getting them is taking bc pills and from time to time drink alcohol (but not excessively). It makes me really depressed. I had sclerotherpay in March, but not all of the vein disappeared and it was too late in the year to get a second treatment. Also, I hate that I have to wear compression stockings after the treatment for SIX WEEKS, it's really uncomfortable. I am just really afraid as well that I can't stop it and that it'll only get worse, and also that I will never be brave enough to date someone because of these stupid spider veins. They make me so insecure.... Anyone else so young who is dealing with this problem? What do you do about it? Do you have a boyfriend or partner and what does he say about it?