I would like to share my experience as a college student.
I have a secret crush on somebody who doesn't know I exist but knows now. Looking back, I first met him when I was first year in his PE class. I was visiting a friend to watch her dance in the gym. There were also PE classes going on so I went to see other dances in each class. Then I saw him --- wearing a sleeveless black shirt with black paint in his face. By the time my eyes landed on him I swear I got attracted. He was really handsome and eye catching. Lucky for me he was already smiling when I saw him! But in that time I had a crush on someone else.

Days past and I've forgotten all about him. Until one day as I went down the staircase for a class near the basement, I unexpectedly slid! My friends who witnessed laughed...and unfortunately he saw it too! But he didn't laugh or dare to help me. He just saw me landed my butt as he head upstairs. That time, I still didn't like him.

The friend I visited in PE got curious of him too, and she asked her boyfriend who he was. Her boyfriend knew because they're both basketball players and went to the same high school. He told her his name and she told me. His name even fits him haha.

Summer came and I became second year (currently). I just moved on from my past crush and decided that this year, I wouldn't fall for some guy again. I needed to focus on my studies since I was getting good grades and comments for my drawings (btw I'm from an art university). One day I rode the bus going to school. I was leaning against the window until it came to a stop. I was really surprised because it was him all along who went in, then sat with me! "So he lived somewhere near!" I thought to myself. I pretended to be calm but inside I was spazzing. But why did I feel so giggly that day? Is it because I'm slowly developing for him? As the time grew longer I went back to normal and assumed that I still did not like him. And just like that, when we arrived in school I met a friend. Surprisingly my friend who's a guy knows him. So the three of us walked to our building. I didn't know what his course was but I knew we are under the Fine Arts Department.

I secretly overheard him and my friend talking. But what caught my interest was when my friend asked, "What's your course?" He answered, "Same as yours." So that means --- we have the same course! But he added that he just shifted last year. That made me realize he's a school year older than me. Sometimes as we walk he would steal glances from me.

The next week of the same day he rode again on the same bus. This time he rode not next to me but on the seat beside mine. I glanced at him and he still didn't notice me. But this time he stepped out near the school. Still I did not have feelings for him.

Last, he rode on the same bus. He sat across me. Then he noticed me. As we walked I caught him staring at me and quickly turned back. Then again. As we split ways to our different classes I can feel him looking at me but I just didn't want to know. Then when the next weeks came he didn't appear anymore.

Weeks past until that one day. There was an announcement that classes were suspended, so everyone barged out of their classrooms. Noise was everywhere. As I slowly went out I noticed that someone was staring at me. At that time I was smiling because of the suspension. I talked to my friend to ask what are our homeworks due for the next day and I looked to my right and saw him 5 feet away from me, staring. In that instant my heart skipped a beat and I don't know why. I tried to forget the incident and went to my locker. As I went down and head for the exit to go home, I caught him staring at me again. Suddenly I felt conscious of myself. So I guess that's when I started to develop. I don't really know what moment that triggers a girl to like a guy, but in my case it's that one.

Lately I've been seeing him already. I already knew that we have the same subjects but different classes. And our classes are just next to each other, which means I could only see him more than I did last year.

There's this one time that I passed by him and I was aware of that. I suddenly felt conscious again but I had no choice but to. As I walked going to his direction I swear his eyes were darted on me. My eyes focused straight and tried to avoid eye contact because I'm really not good with staring into someone's eyes. What did that meant? Is it because he's familiar with my face? Maybe. But that stare was different. It was really long. I guess it took 8 seconds.

So intramurals week came which was last week. Since he's a major basketball player I decided to watch his game. He was part of the team that represented our course. Luckily they won all the games they played but lost during the finals. Ugh! Well at least we ended up as first place. On the last day of intrams, I searched for him in the humongous crowd and saw him seated in the seats for the athletes. I was glad until he rested his head on a girl's chest behind him. Omg what did that meant? That he has a girlfriend? But I've seen him hang with his guy friends and never hung out with a girl. Well, except for some girl that went to his high school, but she seemed like a really busy person. And when they're together you can sense nothing's going on. But I couldn't see that girl's face in intrams, and no it's not the same girl. My insides were dying and I was stupid enough to hope.

So until now, I've seen him sometimes everyday but not most. Like today, he passed by me as I was talking to my friends.
So that's pretty much my love life since I'm a NBSB (no boyfriend since birth).

Comments? It would be great if you leave some as advices :)