Hello guys,
Jealousy is something which is very common in female genes. The problem which am facing is very peculiar.
I have this guy in my life who is very sweet and loving. I can never imagine him ditching me for some other girl.
Now theres this girl who is my guy's family friend. She had a crush on him and even proposed to him but he turned down the offer. All these happened before I came into his life.
This girl has now joined the same college as mine and also has a boyfriend.
I dont know whats wrong with me. Whenever I see her I get a feeling of showing off infront of her to make her feel jealous. Eventually I feel that shes least affected and I end up feeling jealous.
I wouldnt say that shes more popular than me. Infact I have a name in my college and almost everybody knows me. My friends circle is also very large. My boyfriend cares least about her.i dont want to even think about her but I want her to see and realise as to where she stands. I have noticed her several times staring at me.
I shall be getting married in few months. And am sure that I will have to face her at my boyfriend's place. Am not the kind of person to be jealous of anybody and so I really need some suggestions to deal with this awkward feeling.please help.