Hello everyone, I have a little problem here. So there's this girl I saw in the bus stop for a while, looks like she lives in my neighbourhood. I don't know anything about her, not eve her name, but I sincerely say that I love her. She seems so a lot like me, I just see her and me as the best couple! She seems so sad/lonely all the time, and I want to get close to her. But I also have fears.. She might not like my hair (it's long), she might have a boyfriend, or she might not want a relationship at all. I didn't want one either, until I saw her. And a while a go she looked at me a few times, but each time i looked at her, she just looked in the opposite way/at something else/avoiding eye contact. She seems shy... and so am I. I've been keeping my eyes open the last few days in case I see her, but she just wasn't there. But i know i'll see her again, and i love her so much. I really don't know what to do.. any piece of advice, help or even yahoo messenger ID for helping me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone! <3