Ok, well here's the thing... I work on campus (I'm a student in college) with my mom. I would come to my mom's work during classes and her boss noticed so he asked me if I could do some work for him (without being paid) and finally after a month he just asked me if I would like to actually have a job here so I can get paid for doing all that work. So of course I said yes. I've been working here for a year now but a few months ago this guy who is a student in the department I work in came and needed to get some rubber bands or something and started talking to me. (I'm stating this so you all know he didn't come in just to talk to me.) He came in a few weeks later but I wasn't there but he needed help with something so he asked my mom (who is the main secretary) and then he started asking her questions about me such as what year I was and what was my major and he said "well she should major in architecture instead (his major) maybe I can get a couple of guys to help me convince her" (just being funny) and then that was it because my mom's work phone started ringing so their conversation was cut short. He then came in a few weeks after that and started talking to me in a normal conversation. So I'm not sure if he likes me. I'[m crazy about him with out even knowing him. This isn't normal for me. Sure I've liked guys but I've never been crazy about them. I could imagine if he looked like Brad Pitt then of course any girl would go crazy for him but to be honesty this guy is like a 7 or 8, I've seen cuter looking guys but there is something special about him. I have had date offers and I've been turning them down because I'm really interested in this guy. This all happened a few months ago. He doesn't come in the office much especially since its summer and there aren't many students but when he does come in its just awkward to talk to him because I work here and my mom is here and so it's weird to try to talk to him. I saw him at the gym just recently so maybe I can talk to him there but I don't know how to approach him or what to do. Also, he's 25 and I'm 20 but i am not one of those immature 20 year old college girls who party 24/7. Am I too young for him? What do guys think about this? I'm asking this because he is a senior and will be graduating in May 2014. I have one year to make a move and I don't want to regret not ever making a move to show I am interested in him. I know he will be having a LOT more classes in this department starting this fall semester. I'm not even sure if he has a girlfriend or not but I always see him alone so I'm hoping he is single. I would really appreciate your opinions and comments.