hey i need your help guys :
so there is this boy that i like in our university , i showed interest in him and he did too (he was looking at me everytime that i sees him and i felt like he wanted to say hi ) and one day i mastered the courage and started the conversation in FB and i told him if he ever thought about talking to me (it was clear that i like him :( ) he answered but not to my question he talked about something else like he said what he knows about me and then we continued talking for almost a week but there's something strange :
- he only talk to me at night and late at night he doesn't answer and then answer me back tomorrow night even though he is online in the daylight !!!
we have this mutual friend so we went out two times and after that he didn't talk to me in FB but there is something strange :
- he would sometimes talk to me at night in FB if he sees me with my friendsor so busy or with my male friends
- and when he talk to me he at sometime pretend he didn't see my message and continue to be online and never text me back and when he sees me with someone or going out with others ..he checks the message (i always come back to the conversation )
i want to know what does this mean ? and should i do ?