Okay so since you're actually reading this, I am going to try to make this as short and simple as possible.
So a few years ago I met a guy on a social network. We in an on and off long distance relationship for 4 years until he came to my country and asked for my hand. He became excessively jealous and controling, so i decided to call things off. He turned out to be a manipulative piece of poo... But that isn't the reason behind why I am making this post. So since I knew this guy, he had always been telling me about his brother, just random stuff about how much of a good guy he is, point is his brother was the reason why we started talking again before i called things off completely. His brother was going through some type of depression and the guy had contacted me to talk and find comfort due to his brothers state. I saw a few pics of him and always thought he looked mysteriously attractive with that brunnete curly hair , deep stare and mischevious smile, however i was with my ex at that time so i never saw him as more than just a good looking guy that once caught my attention. Now that it is over, for some reason i keep having dreams about this guy I have never spoken to, and only know a little about. His brother mentioned that he once had gone upto him and told him I was very pretty while we were together. Point is, for some reason for the past few months he just comes to my mind and i obsess over him for a few days, then he randomly crosses my mind again and it's like a spin circle. It bothers me because first of all, I do not sit ther and think about the guy, and also because needless to say, i was once in a serious relationship with his brother and we have never met nor spoken, so I do not thinn he would ever consider talking to me.
I would like to know if this is happened to anybody before, any expiriences of this sort? What is your advice? Anybody believes it might be some sort of mental connection?. I would appreciate any type of advise you can provide me with (: - Good day