So, this is about a guy at my office. I have never spoken with him as he works in a different department and we do not have any mutual friends. Here's what I have noticed:

1. Sometimes when I walk past him, he kinda stares at me with a smile and tries to catch my eye. He ensures it does not get creepy.
2. If we randomly bump into each other and lock eyes, he maintains the eye contact till I look away. He appears calm and not at all nervous. In fact, its me who gets nervous.
3. If he knows that I am around (for example in cafeteria), he doesn't look at me or maybe pretends to do so. However he sometimes secretly checks me out by taking a quick glimpse or watching quickly from the corner of his eyes.

I find him attractive. Do you think its the same for him or is he just flirting?

Thanks! :)