I am, desperatly and completely, crushing on my guy friend. He's hot, and not just cuz I'm crushing on him. I've thought he was smokin for ever. Way before I liked him. He's super tan, golden blonde curls, big brown eyes. Hes about my height (5/7) and just gorgeous. We hang a lot, especially since a few mericals happenedand we both started band and happen to be the only low brasses so we sit next to each other. It also gives me material to talk about. We "flirt" a lot but I dunno if he thinks I'm flirting for real or just playin around ... hes always "flirted" back though. We call each other sexy and snazzy and gorgeous but in a joking way. I dunno weather he knows I'm intl him or thinks of me as that funny chic friend he knows.
Ps. Also we don't have simlar friends sept like 2