One certainty is this in fashion: It is always changing, and men's fashion is no different. This spring saw the introduction of men's suits paired with shorts, and heading into the fall season, we continue to see that adventurous nature in full swing. So, what trends are walking the runways heading into 2015? Here is a sneak peak.

Winter Florals: 

Yes, believe it or not, a typical spring and summer staple and once only reserved for a woman's wardrobe, we are seeing an increasing amount of floral motifs coming into men's fashion. Both designer and street level fashion are embracing paisley prints and tropical patterns in direct opposition to winter's standard grey shades. Found in shirts, ties, jackets, and even track-inspired pants, florals are being used almost like men's old friend, camouflage to liven up solid colour wardrobes. 


Men are accessorizing more than ever, sporting a stylish piece with almost every outfit they don. Some of the most popular we are seeing this year include wide brim hats, mirrored sunglasses, personalised cufflinks, and document holders. Men seem to enjoy the more formal hats like fedoras and Panamas, but occasionally a bowler is even trending. Mirrored sunglassed are appearing in all shapes and sizes and with every clothing option be it casual or dressed for a formal affair. And personalized cufflinks are a fun trend as they can be paired with your own initials, family crest, or even company logo. Finally, the document holder, is a huge hit able to store your personal documents, smart phone or tablet and is much sleeker then a messenger bag.

Fashion Trainers: 

Although not necessarily new, trainers continue to be enormously popular on the street, especially due to them being paired increasingly both casually and in a more smartly dressed fashion. To make them the statement item of your wardrobe, we suggest wearing them with a neutral palette whether it is a casual suit with a crewneck white t-shirt worn underneath, or the standard white trainers with a bright-coloured pant. The fashion trainer's popularity continues the "sports luxe" theme in men's fashion that we see continuing strong into 2015.

Biker Jackets: 

If the male spring runway collections are any indication, biker jackets are going to be a huge hit this coming year. Long a popular sight among women's clothing, men are going to want to stock up on this staple soon. A black biker jacket is a versatile piece that can be worn in a variety of places, and for the more daring, designers are getting in touch with their latin influence as well, and are creating some fringed biker jackets to spice things up.

Denim on Denim: 

A final trend we are noticing for 2015 is a return of an old favourite, denim. Be careful with this one though, as too much of the same denim can go horribly wrong. When donning head to toe denim be sure to mix shades, so as not to wind up looking monochromatic and pair dark washes with light or break it up with a coloured shirt in another fabric.

In closing, men's fashion inspiration can be found worldwide, whether on the runway or just walking down a busy city street. It is as individual as we choose to make it, so do not be afraid to pick a trend and make it your own and contribute to the fun world of fashion!