We all have that special someone who we admire. Problem is, they don't even like us or know we exist. Sad, isn't it? Well girls, there are always reasons why they don't like you back. You shouldn't force them to because it's their life, not yours. We often think they're "the one", but after 10 months you might regret what you've just said.

1.) He's taken.
Of course it's the number one reason! When a guy is with someone else, it means that he's loyal to her and only sees her and no one else. It's like when you see them you don't stand a chance, and sometimes you root for them. Eventually you will get over him and find someone else just as the saying goes, "there are plenty of fishes in the sea." But if you choose to hold on to him, good luck! We don't know, he might end the relationship and it's your chance!

2.) He probably treats you like a sister.
Ouch! Your friendship is getting perfect by the minute and next thing you know you end up eavesdropping his conversation with his buddies, telling them he's not planning to date you. It really hurts especially when you really like the guy but things don't go according to plan.

3.) He likes someone else.
It's really common. And normal. And it sucks, especially that "someone else" is not you, and that "someone else" likes him too!

4.) Party-goer.
Yep, going to nightclubs, drinking with his homies and making out with random girls defines a guy who doesn't give a damn about you, even when he knows you exist. But you still like him anyways because he's really hot.

5.) Friend-zones!
You think you're getting a yes when you confess or ask him out? No. The moments you've spent with him, like having lunch together and watching movies, are nothing but for "friends" only. He only wants to remain as your friend for the rest of his life and nothing else.

6.) He's a player.
He knows you, talks to you, gets your number, and then wants to make out with you. We often think they're into us and wants to go to the next level. Unfortunately the next day he starts avoiding your calls and messages or replies "I can't, I'm busy," and those kind of things. And unfortunately the day after next day you see him locking lips with some girl. Sick.

7.) He's probably gay.
It's tragic. When you first saw him he was the ideal guy. You observe the way he walks and talks that made your heart flutter. But eventually you'll wonder why he doesn't show that he's sweet to you and why he doesn't talk about girls so much. Turns out you see him holding hands with...a guy. Boom. End of the world. But check out his boyfriend. He's hot, too.

8.) His traumatic past.
He might have been dumped by the love of his life and isn't planning on getting into another relationship again. Or maybe his special someone passed away. Or perhaps he's been cheated. Whatever that fear is, it's not letting you get near him. Just give him some space for him to think about it.

9.) Mama's boy.
Mother knows best. He's been "listening" to her well since childhood and got an A+ for complete attendance in her seminars. She might have told him to focus on studies than girls. Better stay away or mama might beat you up for trying to steal her boy.

10.) He's into your sister/ best friend.
Similar to #3, but WORSE.